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Want a new bookmaker who will lay your bets?

I can’t remember the last time I actually did a bookmaker review – largely because to be honest it really isn’t worth the effort, all the big boys, you can read endless reviews about them and it’s all rather pointless – they are all very much like each other – show an inkling of knowledge within a week you may as well delete your bookmark in google, it would be about as much use as that bookmark you made about that water bungalow on a remote Maldivian Island.

So - Starsports – I will start by saying if you sign up using my link – if you win I earn sweet FA, if you lose I earn money – can’t say fairer than that, not gonna hoodwink you like so may alleged tipsters who put up crap tips aiming to earn out of you following them and signing up.

All I can relate is my personal experience- I opened an account about 6 months ago, nothing hidden- they know who I am. I bet on golf and NH racing – it becomes obvious, I am not a 10p ew yankee man or a 10 football match accumulator player. After 6 months I have not had a single bet rejected, most are referred to trader but all accepted. They call themselves the “Gentlemans Bookmaker” – I have been called many things before and to be honest occasionally a Gentleman. I think it’s called respect between a bookmaker and a punter and one that has been lost. I know they don’t want to lose - I’m not bloody daft, but finally to find a bookmaker that does not mock me and realises it’s me against them really has been a refreshing change.

I have seen some mocking coverage saying that there is no way they lay those publicised bets, I can’t comment but I believe them to be true. At the end of the day they may not always be best price – but if they will actually lay you to what you want then where’s the problem?

It may seem like a very short bookmaker review but what more do you want? If you want a decent bet layed without taking the piss then give them a crack.

There you go the most honest, succinct bookmaker review you have ever read, to my mind it reflects what I have experienced, can’t really say anything else.

To open an account click here

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