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Winter project - learn how to upload pictures to Wix blog - atm really can't be arsed! Another cathartic day so my words will have to convey a picture. I did my favourite walk - Mouse and Merlot before her also loved it - Fingle Bridge Inn - you walk the Fishermans Path for 45 minutes and then climb to Hunters Tor below Castle Drogo. The first 45 minutes is just along the river - felt weird today as I think it's the first time I have ever done it without a 4 legged or 2 legged companion! Last year I did it with 3 different women and various dogs but that's a story for another day! As indeed is the field below Castle Drogo - wow - good job I am vague on names! I got to Hunters Tor and there was/were a lovely couple there who just said we will leave you in peace when I was explaining what I was about to do - people you meet walking on the whole are pretty damn good. Back along the escarpment with wonderful views to Dartmoor and Drogo - it really is the most amazing walk - about 2 hours and I wasn't really shifting. Oddly when back @ Fingle a big funeral wake but a wonderful meal and then back to my own little pub for some wine with friends. Was going to write this tomorrow but it was in my head and when things are in my head - I can't sleep - hence tonight x

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