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Time to Ring the Changes

When you go to bed on a Sunday night and you can’t face putting the weeks results onto your spreadsheets you know you have had a bad week. I won’t dwell on it – it was bloody awful. Then when you wake up early on a Monday morning and think I really can’t face it you know there’s a problem to rectify. I have come to hate the Monday/Tuesday scrabble for prices, seeing things you probably would bet at the price but knowing you won’t get on, only to generally see better prices by the time events get close to starting – what’s the point? When you then look back and realise you are losing money hand over fist on the two main tours when betting before they tee off you realise that all the stress in the early part of the week is generally to no avail and that things have to change. I can’t actually remember the last time I put up a winner on the European Tour whilst I have backed four winners on the PGA tour in 2020. Landry 100/1, Thompson 80/1, Herman 28/1 and Malnati 50/1 (top US) and guess what – every single one of those was in running. Plus the Sunday columns for Sportinglife have been quite successful. The smaller tours are still doing OK – two winners in 23 events on the Korn Ferry tour @ 125/1 and 30/1 is fine, whilst the Champions Tour ticks along. Now would be a sensible time to change, this week both main tours are at new venues, the Korn Ferry tour has finished and the Seniors can always wait til Wednesday or Thursday. I can also look at the big market drifters that appear closer to the off. I need to cut back on my hours, I sit here between 8 and 12 a day, 7 days a week and haven’t had a holiday in over 2 years, which seems likely to stretch to 3! I have put on weight, eating and drinking too much and feel unfit both in body and mind. I know the tipping points which lead me to depression and I am most definitely at that point with what would appear to be a long winter ahead of us. I know I have added to my workload by for the first time really concentrating on National Hunt racing but over the past 5 months that has provided me with £6k profit. I now know what to look for and what works for me so I can even cut down on the hours for that, so those bets will continue to be tweeted with the occasional write up if I find more than a few in a day. The overall profit for the year is still healthy – it’s time my mind and body followed suit.

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