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French Racing Tips - the way forward?

A post I knew I would have to write one day but didn’t expect to happen so soon! Followers of the occasional blog post and mainly on Twitter will know that 14 months ago I started looking at French National Hunt racing. It was purely an experiment for the first year but it turned out to be a resounding success. Having looked at thousands of races and had over 300 bets I have been achieving an ROI of 40% and a monthly profit of an average £1000. I’m not daft and realise that’s a smallish sample but beating the SP in 90% of cases has led to this success. To give you an idea of stakes this has been done via bets of £50 - £150 win or £25 - £75 ew as a rough guide. I started off with very few accounts and even those have gradually cut me back. It isn’t difficult getting £50 on a 2/1 shot but £75 ew on a 10/1 chance is a very different matter.

Can I carry on achieving such results? Well the honest answer is I don’t know, but I think it’s possible. Many followers have been making money for free and some have been kind enough to send me gifts of wine (even dog toys!) for my trouble but at the end of the day if I am to continue with it I have to pay the bills like everyone else.

I do not want to go down the route of a large subscription base paying a small fee as I have been there and got the T shirt and to be honest it is a complete ball ache. I haven’t charged for any information for the past 6/7 years and hoped to have walked away from it but sometimes needs must.

At present this is just a thought, a large subscription base is not sustainable in a niche market but I think maybe a select group of under 25 people is. As it’s a small number of punters betting at the stakes I recommend the chances are it’s worth pursuing. If you are not comfortable with those stakes or can’t get on then I’m afraid it probably isn’t for you. I should add that if you’re not able to place bets around 8.30-9.30 in the morning this also wouldn’t be for you.

The number of books betting in these markets is expanding all the time especially as so much of it is now shown on Sky Racing. Despite this fact I struggle to get on and don’t wish to waste my time with “beard” accounts or asking others to place bets for me, it’s something I have never done and with all these KYC measures increasingly put in place I think those opportunities are diminishing.

I don’t want people or myself to commit to a full year and likewise don’t want the hassle of renewing membership every month so am proposing a three month membership for around the £200 mark. I am unsure about cost as it will depend on uptake but I know it won’t work with 100’s of subscribers so numbers will be strictly limited.

As I said it’s something I’m mulling over to make the 30-40 hours a week spent researching etc worthwhile. I would love any feedback, positive or negative about this idea, or simply if you are interested, you can either DM me via Twitter or email

Thanks for your time and all the support on Twitter, it’s a sad state of affairs but those bookmakers don’t like me winning!!

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