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French Fancies, Ortiz feels at home, Lecom Legends?

First things first – in case you missed my Tweet about how the French horse racing tips are going – nine months in 188 bets £14,350 staked £8750 profit 61% ROI. For something I knew nothing about until May last year I’m pretty pleased with those results, whether I can maintain that long term has to be debatable and there will come the issue of actually getting on. At the moment I spread the bets about but as you know these prices seem very volatile early on, make sure you look at Twitter in the morning as I may have a couple at Fontainebleau. I will also persevere with looking for unexposed horses running in Irish handicaps for the first time, especially in the big staying chases.

I have only backed one player at his weeks Genesis on the PGA tour as I felt Carlos Ortiz was overpriced at the start of the week. He is definitely in a hot run of form since bagging his maiden title last year and I have him down as a player who could win multiple titles – after all he is one of the few to earn “battlefield promotion” from the Korn Ferry Tour. I backed him last year in this on the back of one quote from 2015 when he compared Riviera to his home course Guadalajara “Yeah, it's actually a pretty similar golf course, tree lines, and there's a lot of holes that look kind of the same, same grass, same greens, so it's similar. It's easy for me to shape some shots off the tees, and that's important out here.” I backed him e/w @ 70/75 and had £75 to win £6800 on Betfair, hopefully he will trade at a lower price.

The Korn Ferry tour returns this week with the third rendition of the Lecom Suncoast Classic from Florida – which is nice because it’s a good time zone to follow! I have backed three players, nothing really fancy as it’s difficult to know how rusty some of them are. I put up JT Griffin last year @ 50/1 and he frustratingly finished 7th, this year he is three times the price because he really hasn’t done much since then. Maybe he will be inspired by an event he Monday qualified into in 2019 to finish 5th and then backed it up with that 7th, @ 150/1 e/w he’s worth a small investment. One player who won’t be too rusty is Peter Uihlein who played all four rounds at Pebble Beach last year. He was 20th here last year but was actually a stroke ahead going into the final round before collapsing on Sunday. I have had a small e/w bet @ 55/1 but have also had £40 @ 55 on Betfair to possibly trade if he does the same thing again this year. Finally another 150/1 shot who just feels like he is a little on the big side is David Kocher who was 4th here last year before going on to win the following week in Mexico. Again I have no idea how rusty he may be so have been cautious.

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