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A few short musings

I have to admit the last few weeks on the golf has been pretty damn awful, although I haven't had that many bets they have been pretty shocking. This week again we have either limited course form or none at all so am sticking to my guns of having limited pre event bets. In the Zozo Championship Phil Mickelson caught my eye last night @ 140 on Betfair. In theory the course shouldn't suit but we are talking about Mickelson here and he just does things his way. In recent weeks he has played in two Champions Tour events and won both comfortably and it was only a couple of months ago he was finishing 2nd in a WGC event. He is always at his best at home in California and just 18 months ago he won in his home state on the main tour. Due to the obvious situation the Italian Open has been moved from a great traditional course to a fairly nondescript resort course which in my opinion leaves it wide open. Marcus Armitage has been in decent form and I was matched at the 90 I asked for on Monday night. The one player who could be of interest is in form Maverick Antcliff who maintained his form really well in China last year. This could be a big assumption but courses in China tend to be resort type courses - he could find this week to his liking. At 80/1 e/w and a bit of 110 on Betfair I am prepared to take a small chance. Recent horse picks haven't been that great but as always I have been analysing my bets. The £6000 profit over five months has dropped to £5500 but with £5000 of that coming in French races it makes sense for me to concentrate my efforts there, with maybe the odd big NH staying chase thrown in for good measure!

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