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SPORTS BETTING INDEX was founded in 2000 to help punters with all aspects of internet betting as the phenomenon of online gambling took off.
Whilst the site has changed and developed over time the core beliefs remain the same: being independent, honest and open.
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from our resident professional gambler
november 10th 09.43
Is The Current Popularity Of Cryptocurrencies Set To Grow With Sports Betting Implementation?

For those familiar with cryptocurrencies, the thought of their implementation in sports betting isn’t much of a surprise at all. In fact, it may even be something that they have been waiting for. But how new exactly are cryptocurrencies to sports betting? Is this truly a new thing, or is the spotlight only just shining on a long-standing industry?  Here, we’re looking closely at the current popularity of cryptocurrencies, and just how this popularity could grow with sports betting implementation.
Just how popular are cryptocurrencies?
So, the first thing we should probably work out is how popular cryptocurrencies even are. Are they a big thing that you must’ve been living under a rock to miss? Or are they an up-and-coming technology that you’d be forgiven for bypassing completely? Well, the truth is that they’re a little bit of both. For those that aren’t sure what a ‘cryptocurrency’ is, this term is given to any kind of digital currency used online and is the result of the first, and most famous cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. It’s likely that that term pricked a few more ears than ‘cryptocurrency.’ This particular cryptocurrency has taken the tech world by storm, and its popularity amongst online communities is undeniable. The worth of this digital currency currently sits at over £5,600 to 1 Bitcoin at the time of writing and is still rapidly climbing, which is quite the jump from the original worth - It didn’t even reach 50p in its first year or so!
This decentralised cryptocurrency gave and still gives users access to a digital currency that isn’t run or controlled by any central authority meaning it is, essentially, self-sufficient. Every bitcoin user has a record of how every bitcoin has ever been spent, giving control back to the users as opposed to a centralised system like a bank. Miners and spenders work together to ensure that the Blockchain – the technology from which Bitcoin works – MORE
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