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Renewals were due on my website yesterday and I thought why am I paying all that money for something I don’t ever use? It was always central to my “business” for promoting what I do and back in the day all the affiliate side with the bookmakers – though that has clearly died a death! For those that follow me on Twitter it’s probably pretty clear the last 4-5 months for me have been pretty damn shit – so maybe I should start writing again – even if nobody reads it writing is actually really good for your mental health. Being in and out of the doctors and hospitals for several months, having operations cancelled, the delay to hernia ops saw the problem get bigger and bigger. I even had a little part time job which got me away from the computer and betting but I lost that due to physically not being able to carry out the role and haven’t been able to go back. Then eventually had the op and it all went tits up, eventually being hospitalized for five days with suspected sepsis. It has taken me weeks and weeks to rebuild my fitness and am now back to walking an hour a day. Sadly though three weeks ago I lost my beloved walking companion Mouse, she was old and her pancreatitis had returned. Oddly within hours a good friend passed away of pancreatic cancer – it’s knocked me for six. However after finally getting a good nights sleep it’s time to move on and start living and hopefully writing again! On the betting front I have more or less quit golf betting now – I am going to do some research and paper trading on some First Round Leader theories I have which I still think is a market which isn’t really talked about a huge amount. French National Hunt racing is still the mainstay for me, it’s basically settled down to 25% ROI over a long period. One thing I regret was from the start recording results in £ rather than points, not all clients follow my £ staking but use it as a guide so actually win more money than stated. There are still vacancies so if you want to try a busier period I can do the next two months for £100 – just get in touch. Thanks for reading if you have bothered – I am off for my afternoon three miler. Have a nice day Ian


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